Movies coming to HBO Now in August 2018

HBO Now is the best place for great movies online. But, what movies can you look forward to on HBO Now in August 2018? The most exciting every month on HBO Now are not the movies that will be added on the first day of the month. This list sometimes contains some great stuff, but it is the theatrical premieres that are what people are most interested in. There won’t… Read More »

Watch Justice League (2017) on HBO Now

Are you dreaming about watching the Justice League movie from 2017 with Superman, Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more heroes on HBO Now? It can be done from July 7th in 2018! If you are tired of sunshine and beaches, and simply long for some quality time indoors in front of your TV or tablet, HBO Now has the solution. On July 7th the newest Justice League movie will come… Read More »

HBO Now in June 2018

June has already started, but what are the highlights on HBO Now in this month? What should you watch? And watch about the FIFA World Cup? It is only three days left before the start of the FIFA World Cup, and I for sure look forward to it. Unfortunately, it is impossible to stream the World Cup on HBO Now, but there are plenty of other ways to stream the… Read More »

On HBO Now [May 2018]

What’s coming to HBO Now May 2018? Not much, but war-movie lovers will for sure rejoice about the arrival of the Christopher Nolan movie Dunkirk. Beneath you can take a look at the full list of movies coming to HBO Now in May 2018. I will write some comments on the list beneath it, so read my comments once you have scrolled through the list. Movie premieres on HBO Now… Read More »

Movies coming to HBO Now in March 2018

The highlight of February on HBO Now was the arrival of Wonder Woman. What will be the movie highlights on HBO Now in March 2018?  Below you can see a list presenting the theatrical premieres on HBO Now in March 2018. I am not especially interested in any of those movies, but you might be, so take a look and make up your own mind. Alien: Covenant, 2017 (3/3) Incarnate,… Read More »

You can now watch Wonder Woman on HBO Now

You cannot watch Wonder Woman on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, but you can already watch Wonder Woman on HBO Now. Are you ready for two hours of fun and action? Wonder Woman was one of the most entertaining movies that I watched in the cinema in 2017. I was greatly surprised by the movie, and what surprised me, even more, is that my loved one who hates such kind… Read More »

Coming to HBO Now in November 2017

In November it gets colder and it gets darker earlier in the evening. The combination of those will lead many people to look for a good movie on HBO Now. Is there anything worth streaming coming to HBO Now in November 2017. The first thing I look for on lists presenting what’s coming to HBO Now in a new month are the theatrical premieres. These are the most interesting movies,… Read More »

Big Little Lies, the big winner at the Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards were held recently, and it had two big winners. It is quite interesting to notice that neither of the big winners was produced by normal cable networks like CBS, NBC or Fox, but by HBO and by Hulu. Based on this information you may have guessed already which shows won the big awards. It was not The Mindy Project, and it wasn’t Westworld. Instead, it was The… Read More »