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Having problem watching HBO Now? Having other problems with HBO Now? Here in this category we will try to answer frequently asked questions about HBO Now and concerning watching it online and abroad. If you have further questions just write a comment to one of the blog posts here in the trouble shooting category!

How to access HBO Now in Mexico?

I will be traveling to Mexico for a month and want to watch HBO Now? Is it possible to watch HBO Now in Mexico? I would not want to miss out on Westworld and Game of Thrones while there! I very much understand your worries about HBO Now and how you can watch it while in Mexico. The problem is really that we love our favorite TV series so much,… Read More »

How to watch HBO Now on Apple TV overseas?

If you have an HBO Now subscription you will of course want to watch that on your Apple TV. But, what if you travel abroad? Can you watch HBO Now on Apple TV overseas? I have an HBO Now subscription and it costs me 15 USD a month. For that price I truly expect it to work at all times and wherever I might be in the world. But, unfortunately… Read More »

HBO Now video unavailable in your region!

Are you getting the “hbo now video unavailable in your region” error message? Would you like to get rid of it? This is how it is done. If you get the error message telling you that HBO Now video is unavailable in your region it probably means that you are located in a country where HBO Now is not available. According to the HBO Now website this service is “only… Read More »

Can I watch HBO Now in Europe?

HBO Now is a brilliant streaming service from HBO available even without an HBO cable subscription. But can I watch HBO Now in Europe? Is it possible? HBO Now is HBO’s answer to a demand from the public for a platform online where HBO fans could pay an annual fee and get access to all HBO goodies without an actual cable subscription to HBO. That is also the difference between… Read More »

Why is HBO Now lagging? HBO Now slows down my computer!

If you have used HBO Now on your computer, then you have probably experienced some lagging from time to time, and if no lagging, then at least the fact that it slows down your computer a lot. If you watch on iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet there are no big problems, but as you watch in Windows it can almost be unbearable, all depending on the quality of your… Read More »

Is there a way to watch HBO live online?

At this page I write a lot about how you can watch HBO Now online from all across the world, but maybe you are wondering if there is a way in which you can watch HBO USA live online. In other words, you want to watch the live stream just as you would watch HBO in front of a TV in the USA. This is in another words not TV… Read More »