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Pacific Rim: Uprising is now on HBO Now

I recently watched Rampage on Netflix, and as I finished watching Rampage, I discovered that Pacific Rim: Uprising is one more movie I would like to watch on HBO Now. So, I went ahead and watched Pacific Rim: Uprising. I have to admit, I haven’t seen the original Pacific Rim movie from 2013, but I can at once say, that it is very possible to watch this movie without watching… Read More »

Movies coming to HBO Now in March 2018

The highlight of February on HBO Now was the arrival of Wonder Woman. What will be the movie highlights on HBO Now in March 2018?  Below you can see a list presenting the theatrical premieres on HBO Now in March 2018. I am not especially interested in any of those movies, but you might be, so take a look and make up your own mind. Alien: Covenant, 2017 (3/3) Incarnate,… Read More »

Coming to HBO Now in November 2017

In November it gets colder and it gets darker earlier in the evening. The combination of those will lead many people to look for a good movie on HBO Now. Is there anything worth streaming coming to HBO Now in November 2017. The first thing I look for on lists presenting what’s coming to HBO Now in a new month are the theatrical premieres. These are the most interesting movies,… Read More »

Now you can stream HBO Now on Hulu as well

Did you know that you can stream HBO Now without an HBO Now subscription. If you already have a Hulu subscription, all you need is to add the HBO add-on to your existing subscription. The HBO add-on for Hulu is a brand new service, and I have already tested it. You can sign up for the HBO add-on smoothly, and in seconds you are ready to stream HBO TV series… Read More »

Is Canadian Netflix better than HBO Now?

Many people might ask in general if HBO Now is better than Netflix. But, a more specific question is whether or not HBO Now is better than Canadian Netflix? As you sign up for HBO Now you get to try the service for free for thirty days. That is quite brilliant, meaning that you have thirty days to find out whether or not this is a service you want to… Read More »