Can I watch the Academy Awards on HBO Now?

I am a big fan of great movies and the best movies can be seen on HBO Now. But, can I watch the actual Academy Awards on HBO Now? You are probably right about the fact that HBO Now is the best platform to watch blockbusters and the best movies made in Hollywood. But, if you would like to watch the actual Academy Awards, then unfortunately HBO Now is not… Read More »

Coming to HBO Now February 2017

A new month is coming up and there will be great titles coming to streaming service online. But, what can we expect to arrive on HBO Now in February 2017? I have been writing quite some articles already on what will come to Hulu in February 2017 and also on what will come to Amazon Prime in 2017. My personal favorite in February 2017 is the arrival of 24: Legacy.… Read More »

How to access HBO Now in Mexico?

I will be traveling to Mexico for a month and want to watch HBO Now? Is it possible to watch HBO Now in Mexico? I would not want to miss out on Westworld and Game of Thrones while there! I very much understand your worries about HBO Now and how you can watch it while in Mexico. The problem is really that we love our favorite TV series so much,… Read More »

Coming to HBO Now January 2017

Here are a list of the new movies coming to HBO Now in January 2017. There are some fantastic movies on this list, so if you are a movie lover you will have no trouble finding something that you will like. Here is the complete list of movies. Coming to HBO NOW in January 2017 Above the Law Baby Mama Beautiful Creatures The Big Lebowski The Blues Brothers Blues Brothers… Read More »

Watch Race on HBO Now (a movie about Jesse Owens)

Do you like those movies featuring a famous person and telling their life story? You will for sure like Race, a movie from 2015 telling the story of Jesse Owens. In the 1930’s a new star arose in the United States. His name was Jesse Owens and he could run like none else could. That was why he deserved to be among the participants in the Summer Olympics in Germany… Read More »

The best Christmas movies on HBO Now

December is here and you are preparing for Christmas. Maybe you feel like watching a Christmas movie on HBO Now tonight? Here are the best Christmas movies on HBO Now currently! You should be warned before you keep on reading that HBO Now is not the number one platform for Christmas lovers. HBO Now is not a platform that keeps onto movies forever, instead they always change their library of… Read More »

Coming to HBO Now in December 2016

The Christmas season is upon us and Black Friday 2016 is already history. Are you prepared for Christmas? Do you have your HBO Now subscription ready? HBO Now might not be the coolest place on earth if you are looking for lots of Christmas movies. There are not so much to watch there related to Christmas, but you will for sure find some titles if you are interested. If you… Read More »

Coming to HBO Now in November 2016

After writing articles on what’s coming to Amazon Prime in November and what’s coming to Hulu in November it is refreshing to report what’s coming to HBO in November 2016. While Hulu and Amazon Prime provides almost identical lists of new arrivals, HBO Now comes with totally different stuff. If you would like to watch lots of James Bond movies or maybe Rocky movies the platform to choose in November… Read More »

Westworld is now on HBO Now

The brand new HBO series Westworld was just made available on HBO Now. New episodes will be added weekly, and HBO hope this will turn into a new “Game of Thrones” when it comes to success. HBO has used lots of money to create Westworld. There is little doubt that they have grand hopes for Westworld. Especially knowing that Game of Thrones is coming to an end, they will need… Read More »

How to watch HBO Now on Apple TV overseas?

If you have an HBO Now subscription you will of course want to watch that on your Apple TV. But, what if you travel abroad? Can you watch HBO Now on Apple TV overseas? I have an HBO Now subscription and it costs me 15 USD a month. For that price I truly expect it to work at all times and wherever I might be in the world. But, unfortunately… Read More »