Leaving HBO Now in September 2016

There are much more focus on what’s new on HBO Now every month than on the films and TV series leaving HBO Now. If you wonder what you will say good bye to this month, read on! There are new titles coming to HBO Now this month like The Revenant and Child 44, and they take away all the focus from the movies leaving. Here you can see the full… Read More »

Coming to HBO Now in September 2016

The summer is over and September is here. Some rejoice and HBO fans for sure do, because September means it is time for new seasons and new episodes! Here is a list presenting all new content coming to HBO Now in September 2016. There are three new films coming to HBO Now in September 2016 worth noticing. I have seen the Revenant and had to suffer myself through it, but… Read More »

The Seventh Son on HBO Now

I really do not want to watch The Seventh Son on HBO Now, but it has just arrived and maybe you are interested. For a crazy mixture of fighting with people and supernatural monsters, watch The Seventh Son. I must admit that I haven’t actually seen the film yet, but I just watched the trailer of The Seventh Son and to me it looks like a nightmare to watch. Above… Read More »

Do not miss out on Silicon Valley on HBO

Do you want to watch a new TV series packed with nerds and smart guys? Almost like The Big Bang Theory? Maybe Silicon Valley is your new-to-be favorite TV series! Silicon Valley tells us the story of some computer nerds who have brilliant minds. They fit very well into the stereotype that all nerds and hopeless when it comes to social interaction, and that is kind of what this TV… Read More »

Get ready for Point Break on HBO Now

I kind of missed out on Point Break in the cinema, but watching the trailer now I really got in the mood for watching it. Luckily Point Break is coming to HBO Now on August 20th. I remember watching the original Point Break film with Keanu Reeves in it. I enjoyed the story and it was lots of action, fantastic stunts and sweaty palms. Now as I watched the trailer… Read More »

Watch Brooklyn on HBO Now

As of August 13th you can watch Brooklyn and HBO Now. This Academy Awarded films tell the story of an Irish girl migrating to the USA. I remember watching Brooklyn just before the Academy Awards 2016, just to be prepared for the occasion. I liked the film, but I would never watch it again. In the film we are told the story of this young Irish girl moving to the… Read More »

Coming to HBO Now in August 2016

August is the last summer month and once it is over autumn has arrived. Use the last summer month to watch goodies on HBO Now. These are the new titles coming to HBO Now in August 2016. There is little doubt about the fact that most people are interested in which blockbusters will come to HBO Now in August. That can easily be answered, and here is the list: Youth (2015)… Read More »

Get ready for the Emmy Awards 2016 with HBO Now

Which network will win the most Emmy Awards in 2016? I would not be surprised if the answer would be HBO. Get ready for the Emmy Awards 2016 as you watch the best TV series online on HBO Now. The nominations for the Emmy Awards in 2016 were announced today and it is no surprise that HBO got lots of nominations, and especially their flagship which we all know as… Read More »

Watch Blackhat on HBO Now

I haven’t seen Blackhat myself, but it it is action-thriller about some sort of hacker who takes control of everything, and to stop him a guy in prison has to be given free hands in order to stop the hacker. The film Blackhat is from 2014 and it has been on HBO Now for a little while, but it will not remain there forever, so if you want to watch… Read More »

Films leaving HBO Now on July 31st

If you want to get the most out of your HBO Now subscription you should always check which films will leave the platform at the end of the month, simply to make sure that you do not miss out on any of your favorites only to find out that it has disappeard when you want to watch it. Here you can see the full list of films that will leave… Read More »