Coming to HBO Now in August 2016

August is the last summer month and once it is over autumn has arrived. Use the last summer month to watch goodies on HBO Now. These are the new titles coming to HBO Now in August 2016. There is little doubt about the fact that most people are interested in which blockbusters will come to HBO Now in August. That can easily be answered, and here is the list: Youth (2015)… Read More »

Get ready for the Emmy Awards 2016 with HBO Now

Which network will win the most Emmy Awards in 2016? I would not be surprised if the answer would be HBO. Get ready for the Emmy Awards 2016 as you watch the best TV series online on HBO Now. The nominations for the Emmy Awards in 2016 were announced today and it is no surprise that HBO got lots of nominations, and especially their flagship which we all know as… Read More »

Watch Blackhat on HBO Now

I haven’t seen Blackhat myself, but it it is action-thriller about some sort of hacker who takes control of everything, and to stop him a guy in prison has to be given free hands in order to stop the hacker. The film Blackhat is from 2014 and it has been on HBO Now for a little while, but it will not remain there forever, so if you want to watch… Read More »

Films leaving HBO Now on July 31st

If you want to get the most out of your HBO Now subscription you should always check which films will leave the platform at the end of the month, simply to make sure that you do not miss out on any of your favorites only to find out that it has disappeard when you want to watch it. Here you can see the full list of films that will leave… Read More »

Watch MI-5 on HBO Now

I just watched through the catalogue on HBO Now presenting available films and noticed MI-5. I wondered if Mission Impossible 5 – Rogue Nation was already made available, but I soon realized that MI-5 is referring to another film released in October 2015. You could say that there are many similarities, because MI-5 deals with an imminent terrorist attack on London, and with some corrupt people working inside the government… Read More »

Coming to HBO Now July 2016

July is a summer month and that means that you will have lots of time to watch new films or catch up on your favorite TV series. There will be quite some new stuff coming to HBO Now in July as well, so look through the list to see if you have some special treats to look forward to. July 1 Jem and the Holograms, 2015 Vice, 2015 July 2… Read More »

Sunday is the best day of the week on HBO Now

You have probably heard about it before, but for TV fans and HBO fans Sunday is probably the best day of the week. It isn’t a coincidence that this site gets most visitors every Sunday evening and Monday morning, because that is when most HBO fans are eager to watch their favorite TV series and brand new films online. How come? What can I see on HBO Now on Sundays?… Read More »

Everest is now on HBO Now

I wrote about it earlier that Everest would come to HBO Now in June and now it is here. If you haven’t seen Everest yet then this is your chance to watch it online on HBO Now. Maybe you know a lot about HBO Now or maybe you do not even have a clue what it is, but to make it short let me tell you that HBO Now is… Read More »

Coming to HBO Now in June 2016

There will come quite a lot of nice films to HBO Now in June and the highlights are for sure The Martian and The Scorch Trials. I did not at all like The Scorch Trials (the Maze Runner follow up), but since the original film had lots of fans there will for sure be millions eagerly waiting to watch The Scorch Trials as well. There will also be lots of… Read More »

The Martian on HBO Now

I am not a big fan of space films, but compared to Gravity and Interstellar The Matin was a fantastic film. Now it is coming to HBO Now. On June 4th The Martin will arrive on HBO Now, meaning that you can take a look at what life is like on Mars, and especially how to survive on March as a botanist played by Matt Damon. This is a really… Read More »