The Intern is now on HBO Now

The Intern is a sweet film giving us some insight in the life of a busy woman leading a growing business, raising a child and taking care of her marriage at the same time. At least that is what she is supposed to do! As a result of feedback from other businesses the company lead by Anna Hathaway has decided to get some new interns. The most special intern is… Read More »

Do not miss out on All The Way on HBO Now

All The Way is the title of a television drama film that aired on HBO on May 21st. It was created for and by HBO so do not miss out this chance to watch a film on HBO Now that can not be seen elsewhere at the moment. All The Way tells the story of President Lyndon B. Johnson who became the new president after the assassination of John F.… Read More »

Watch these films on HBO Now before its too late (leaving May 2016)

As a HBO Now subscriber you now that there are new films added regularly to HBO Now, but maybe you have noticed that films disappear as well. Every month films are removed, and here I will tell you which films you should watch right now, because they are about to be removed from HBO Now in 8 days (on May 31st). Some of the films that will be removed are… Read More »

Watch Jurassic World on HBO Now

Did you like the film Jurassic World and want to watch it again on HBO Now? Or never seen Jurassic World before? Watch it online on HBO Now. I did watch Jurassic World in cinema and I remember that I was very surprised that I actually liked the film quite a lot. I have never been a big fan of the Jurassic Park films, and even though I have watched… Read More »

Giant interest for Game of Thrones season 6

Game of Thrones season 6 is out there and rolling and there is a giant interest for this season. Thousands of people come to this website looking for information on how they can watch it, and especially those who suffer from HBO Now not being available at their current location. If you are among the people who would love to get yourself an HBO Now subscription, but you can not… Read More »

Game of Thrones Season 6 teaser released

The sixth season of Game of Thrones will be shown for the first time on April 24th in 2016. Are you looking forward to watching it? Now you can watch the teaser, and even though it does not tell us to much, it is still fun to watch. The name of the sixth season of Game of Thrones is Hall of Faces. Get ready for it, and if you want… Read More »

HBO Now video unavailable in your region!

Are you getting the “hbo now video unavailable in your region” error message? Would you like to get rid of it? This is how it is done. If you get the error message telling you that HBO Now video is unavailable in your region it probably means that you are located in a country where HBO Now is not available. According to the HBO Now website this service is “only… Read More »

Can I watch HBO Now in Europe?

HBO Now is a brilliant streaming service from HBO available even without an HBO cable subscription. But can I watch HBO Now in Europe? Is it possible? HBO Now is HBO’s answer to a demand from the public for a platform online where HBO fans could pay an annual fee and get access to all HBO goodies without an actual cable subscription to HBO. That is also the difference between… Read More »

The Grand Budapest Hotel on HBO Now

One of the highlights when it comes to films in the last years must have been The Grand Hotel Budapest for me! I sometimes call it The Grand Budapest Hotel, but I must try to remember that the actual title is The Grand Hotel Budapest. No matter what, this film with Ralph Fiennes was completely nontraditional, but packed with humor, good jokes, so one of the highlights that you need… Read More »