The Longest Ride on HBO Now

One of my favorite romantic films at the moment is for sure The Longest Ride. This was the film that turned out to be much better than The Notebook, simply because it is easier to digest, but still incredibly romantic. On January 23rd this film will be made available on HBO Now and it will be there until March in 2016, so you do not have a lot of time… Read More »

Watch 12 Years a Slave online on HBO NOW

HBO Now is the fantastic online streaming service provided by HBO. It is different from HBO Go, because you do not need an actual HBO subscription to watch this, but for a monthly fee you will get access to all HBO material online. One of the latest releases made available on HBO Now is 12 Years a Slave. This is a fantastic Oscar Awarded film telling us the story of… Read More »

Can I watch The Scorch Trials on HBO Now?

As you might know you can watch Maze Runner on HBO Now at the moment. I can not guarantee you that it will remain available forever, but at the moment you can still watch it. But, can you watch Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials on HBO Now? The answer to that question at the moment is no! Unfortunately this film is so new yet that no such streaming service still… Read More »

Is Game of Thrones a good series to watch?

Are you asking yourself whether Game of Thrones is something you should watch or not? The answer on this is really easy: yes it is definitely a worth watching series from every aspect. Game of Thrones is an adaption of a fantasy drama series , A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. According to IMDB Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows which… Read More »

Too many good TV series for me to waste my time with True Detective!

I know, this is a website about HBO Now online, but the fact that I have such a website does not mean I am a big fan of all HBO productions. Not at all, and if fact I find myself liking productions by other networks often much more than I enjoy the HBO productions. Not long ago I asked myself the question if it is worth watching True Detective? Well,… Read More »

The Book Thief on HBO Now

One of the best films made in 2013 was The Book Thief and if you have not seen it already, then I recommend that you go ahead and watch it on HBO Now online right away. If you do not have an HBO Now Subscription yet, then read how to get one from all across the world at If you already have your HBO Now subscription and just think… Read More »

Watch The Drop on HBO Now

Tom Hardy is everywhere and in the film named The Drop you can see him again. He is also playing recently in films such as Mad Max and Child 44, and there are lots of more movies coming up in which you can see him play. In other words, if you are a Tom Hardy fan, then this is a film you should see. I am not at all a… Read More »

Watch Reese Witherspoon in Wild on HBO Now

Just a few days ago Wild was made available on HBO Now, so if you have a subscription, do not loose out on this chance to watch Reese Witherspoon as she challenges herselves as she walks into the wild, to get a deeper knowledge of who she really is. Reese Witherspoon plays the character of Cheryl Strayed, a divorced lady, who heads into the mountain to gain self knowledge and… Read More »

Should I watch True Detective?

Are you looking for a new TV series to watch? Maybe you have heard about True Detective, a success series from HBO which is now airing its second season. You can of course watch both the first and the second season on HBO Now. But, is it worth watching? It is useful to know that season 1 and season 2 does not have any direction connection, meaning that they do… Read More »

Godzilla on HBO Now

Godzilla was the action film that came to our cinemas in 2014 and I must admit that I never saw the film, because I do not really like these kinds of films, but I was still very happy to see that it can be found on HBO Now at the moment. In this film you will get to see the fight between the monsters, because as a couple of monsters… Read More »